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First Aid Kits



41 Piece Lifeline® SnowBound First Aid Kit


Product ID: #04208-3CATEGORY: First Aid Kits

Could you handle a winter road emergency? Winter is no time to take chances, so keep a Lifeline® SnowZone kit in your car. This compact case contains 41 vital items for winter road travel. Keep warm with an emergency survival blanket, hand warmer and 2 emergency candles with waterproof matches. Stay hydrated with 3 packets of emergency water. Be prepared with a tri-fold shovel, flashlight with batteries, ice scraper, windshield/lock de-icer, 24 pieces of first aid, gloves and severe weather guide. All packaged conveniently in a fully padded carry case. 12" x 9" x 3.5" Kit Contains: 1 Folding Shovel With Sheath 1 Ice Scraper 1 Emergency Blanket 2 Emergency Candles 1 Hand Warmer 1 Box Water Proof Matches 3 Water Packets 1 Emergency Guide 1 Flashlight D Size 1 Can of De-Icer 2 D Batteries 24 Pieces of First Aid 1 Pair of Gloves 1 Deluxe Padded Carry Case

WEIGHT: 5.5pounds

Sale Price: $ 49.95


30 Piece Lifeline® Family First Aid Kit

Product ID: #04136-3 CATEGORY:First Aid Kits

This is a great kit for any vehicle. No wonder it is our most popular roadside emergency kit. Inside the beautiful padded carry case are items that help keep you safe and get you back on the road. Truly, every vehicle should have one of these kits. 12" x 9" x 3.5" Kit Includes: 2 D Batteries 1 Flashlight D Size 1 10' 10G Booster Cable 24 Pieces of First Aid 1 Light Stick 1 Deluxe Padded Carry Case

WEIGHT: 3.6875pounds

Sale Price: $38.95


46 Piece Lifeline® Response First

46 Piece Product ID: #04140-3 CATEGORY: First Aid Kits

When you decide to have the best emergency kit that is available, buy the Response. We include only the finest components like all of our kits, but with a wider variety of offerings including the blood stopper 4 in 1 bandage. 12" x 9" x 3.5" Kit Includes: 1 10' 10G Booster Cable 1 Help Sign 2 Light Sticks 1 GoJo Fast Wipe 1 Flashlight D Size 1 Flat Head Screwdriver 2 D Batteries 1 Phillips Head Screwdriver 1 PVC Tape 3/4" x 30 feet 1 4 in 1 Trauma Bandage (Blood Stopper) 1 Shop Towel 30 Pieces of First Aid 1 Pliers 1 Deluxe Padded Carry Case 1 16 oz tire Inflator Non-Flam Note: Light sticks (not pictured) will be substituted for flares (pictured) to avoid the shipping of dangerous chemicals. Length: 6 inches. Last: 12 hours.


WEIGHT: 6.1875pounds

Sale Price: $59.95


65 Piece Lifeline® Jump Start First Aid Kit

Product ID: #4198-3 CATEGORY:First Aid Kits

Lifeline's most popular first aid kit is small, compact and filled with a wide range of first aid items. The Jump Start will fit easily in your glove box or behind your front seat. With 65 items the variety and quantity of products is ideal for your travels. Contents include: a variety of 30 bandages, gauze pads, dressings, tape cleansing ointments, pain relievers, scissors, mole skin and protective vinyl gloves. 7.25" X 7" X 1.5" Kit Includes: 3 Antiseptic Towelettes 10 3/8" x 1-1/2" Bandages 1 Triple Antibiotic Ointment 16 3/4" x 3" Bandages 1 Iodine Pad 4 Fabric Knuckle Bandages 1 Blistex 1 2" x 3" Nonadherent Dressings 2 Acetaminophen Tablets 1 3" x 3" Sterile Gauze Pads 4 Ibuprofen Tablets 1 2" x 4.5 yds.s. Conforming Gauze 1 Mole Skin 1 1/2" x 2 1/2 yds. Adhesive tape 2 Safety Pins 2 Cotton Tipped Applicators 2 Vinyl Gloves (1 pair) 2 Alcohol Pads 1 Scissors 1 Hyds.rocortisone 1 First Aid Instruction 2 Sting Relief Pad 4 Re-Usable Zip Lock Bag 1 First Aid Kit w/ Belt Loops

WEIGHT: 0.625pounds

Sale Price: $24.95


Embassy • USA™ Genuine Leather Car Seat Backpack

Product ID: #aucdbp-3 CATEGORY: Automotive

SUBCATEGORY: Car Accessories

Make long trips more fun and comfortable with this Embassy o USA™ Genuine Leather Car Seat Backpack Organizer. The organizer allows you to have plenty of room for extra CDs, maps, pens/pencils, water bottle, kleenex, extra sunglasses, and even a light jacket. Measures 221/4" x 15" with multiple pockets and adjustable strap to fit to most cars or trucks.

WEIGHT: 1.6875pounds

Sale Price: $26.95

Magnacraft™ Mini Flashlight

Product ID:#mtflmini-3 CATEGORY: Automotive


Magnacraft™ Mini Flashlight. This little flashlight may fit in your pocket but you will be suprised at the powerful illumination of the light. With twist action on/off, optional convenient keychain and carrying strap. Requires AAA battery which is included as well as handy carrying case.

WEIGHT: 2pounds

Sale Price: $13.95


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